Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Artists Retreat Workshops in Downeast Lubec, Maine!

Michael will have his workshops in Lubec, Maine throughout the summer and they are mostly filled at this date.  If you are interested, please see the schedule at Plein Air Painting Workshops Maine for available dates and contact Michael Chesley Johnson about vacancies. We can give you help with lodging choices in Lubec or Campobello Island.

If you are looking to view Michael Chesley Johnson's paintings, please contact him directly for a private studio tour at your convenience.

The Artists Retreat Studio building was recently sold to a new owner.


Trina Stephenson

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lubec, Maine Now Taking Reservations for Summer 2017 for Artist Retreats

We are taking reservations for accommodations and plein air painting workshops with Michael Chesley Johnson for summer 2017.  He has 9 weeks scheduled in the Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, NB area.  All workshops will be meeting at the Artists Retreat.  It worked very well during the summer of 2016 to take our workshops to Lubec, Maine after 10 years on Campobello Island, NB.  Now those without US passports could be accommodated and we have 2 rental units in the Artists Retreat, each with their own kitchen and driveways to make a convenient package deal.  Workshops are $300 for 4 days, and for $500 extra you can stay at the Artists Retreat for 5 nights as well.  Very convenient to roll out of bed and have your workshop start in your living room downstairs!

We also welcome summerkeys students to spend a week at the Artists Retreat.  We have had many satisfied students over the past 4 years we have offered lodging.

We do have the Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery for sale for $134,000, but we will honor all reservations made in 2017 so don't be concerned.  In fact, if you are interested, come and see it for yourself...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Studio Tour this Saturday the 16th of July and also July 23rd, 2016 Lubec, Maine

Instead of our normal 1PM-5PM, we will be open 10AM-5PM the next two Saturdays.  We have not seen much publicity for the Studio Tour, but hopefully we will see a few visitors and gain a few new customers!  Michael has space left in all his remaining Plein Air Painting Workshops and we also have space available at the Artists Retreat for accommodations.  We have had lots of last minute cancellations this summer, more than ever before.  A strange summer to be sure...but could be to your advantage if you are a last minute type person.
If you are interested in a workshop, please see: for details.  We would love to host small painting groups as well.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer 2016 is fast approaching, now taking reservations

Reserve 3 days to 4 months!  Take a workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson and get a discount on the lodging and accommodation package. details on our web site. Only a few weeks left including openings for lodging in June and  September 2016.

We are preparing to open gallery on July 1st as our main Gallery, but if you are in the area please contact us for a private showing.  It's the best way to see the work anyway as we can spend time with you and describe more about the painting process, the locations, etc.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery for Sale for $135,000

We have one more week of regularly scheduled Gallery hours next week, then we will only be at the Artists Retreat Gallery by appointment at 45 Washington Street in Lubec, Maine.
shady private seating area in back yard

View of house and the driveway on the right side.  There is another driveway on the left side so each unit has it's own driveway.

A part of the view from the top of the cliff.  You can see the International Bridge, the Lubec Sparkplug and Lubec Channel, West Quoddy, and the cliffs of Grand Manan

One thing that has surprised us over the past 3 summers is that there is a large rental market in Lubec for short term rentals.  We have been doing both seasonal and short term rentals since we began this project and there is a large demand for inexpensive basic housing.  This summer we had a nearly full schedule in both units.  The only thing that has perplexed us is there has not been much demand for monthly artist housing although I already have a deposit for a month's rental in July for a cellist in the SummerKeys program for 2016. We have yet to have visual artists staying at Artists Retreat, except for Michael's Paint Campobello students.

We are hoping that someone will like the Artists Retreat home as much as we do and take it on for next year.  There is still an interesting project that could be done which would create a 3rd unit or a master bedroom & bath.  Ask me about it, if you are interested.  The sales price is reduced to a reasonable $133,000.  The house would make a great summer home and you would still have an apartment rental for friends or for short or long term rentals or just a separate unit for family members as an in-law apartment.  Lots of possibilities, but we have too much real estate and are trying to get into a situation where retirement  may be possible in a few years. For more pictures and information, please see our web site:  Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery.  We will give you the web site and domain if you wish.

Our house on Campobello Island is also for sale as we plan to move to my parent's house next door when it sells.  Our home includes oceanfront on Friar's Bay and beautiful acreage with 17 apple trees and other heritage trees.  Both the Lubec and Campobello Island houses are available with owner financing which makes it so much easier than dealing with banks, especially if your are self-employed like we are.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our Schedule for the Remainder of the Summer

This week we will have to deviate from our regular hours as Michael is going to Castine for the Castine Plein Air Festival where he won an award the last 2 years. I will be open only today, Tuesday, July 21st from 1PM to 5PM this week in Lubec as he will be gone and I cannot be in two places at once. I will be at  Friar's Bay Studio Gallery the remainder of this week. However for the remainder of the summer we will be open in Lubec 1PM to 5PM Tuesday through Friday and other times by appointment or chance. Contact us for an appointment if your schedule is different.  We are open when the sandwich board is out and the flag is flying.