Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Stop Studio Tour September 7, 2013

Kale in the garden

The Two Stop Studio Tour will be our end of the season grand finale.  On September 7th we will open both Friar's Bay Studio Gallery and the Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery for our final sales days of the season.  After this date, please call for appointment for studio tours.  The Two Stop Studio Tour will replace the Two Countries, One Bay Studio Tour which we did in September for 5 years.  

Next year we will begin another studio tour without the assistance of the Tides Institute since they are no longer promoting studio tours.  That studio tour will be called the Quoddy Artists Studio Tour.  The list of participants should be growing throughout the next few months and the tentative date is August 23, 2014.

Our Geometry of Nature:  Two Visions show is ongoing until September 3rd at the Mulholland Market Gallery 50 Water Street, Lubec.  The Gallery is not open on Wednesdays, but is open all other days 10AM to 4PM EST.  It is manned by volunteers and is part of Lubec Landmarks, a local non profit trying to preserve the smokehouses which are part of Lubec's heritage. 30 percent of our sales go towards the support of this organization so please come out and show your support.  We have had quite a few sales and have replentished the show with 4 additional paintings to replace some that have already found new homes.

Plan your retreat for 2014 now!  Tie it in with a Paint Campobello and Lubec plein air painting workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Successful first 10 days!

We have been open for 10 business days and Michael and I have both sold several items, plus quite a few cards.  We also have hosted our first Artist guest, Jane Richmond from Brunswick, Maine who was a student in Michael's class this last week.  Jane was a wonderful first guest and even left a chocolate truffle for us to enjoy.

These few weeks were experimental for us to see what the potential of the Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery are and after yesterday I am very optimistic.  Next year we will be ready to start the season around Memorial Day since we won't have to renovate and furnish.  Time to think about making a reservation for next year!

Next week Michael and I will be taking much of the art work, plus some new fabric creations of Trina over to Lubec Landmarks.  Michael and I have been busy preparing for our first joint show which is titled the Geometry of Nature:  Two Visions which will be held August 14th to September 3rd at the Mulholland Market Gallery which is part of Lubec Landmarks, a local non profit trying to preserve the smokehouses which are part of Lubec's heritage.  After that we will end our season on Campobello Island and Lubec.  During our show in Lubec, we will not have the Artists Retreat Studios and Gallery open so I can do some necessary outdoor painting on our Campobello Island home.

The Two Stop Studio Tour will be our end of the season grand finale.  On September 7th we will open both Friar's Bay Studio Gallery and the Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery for our final sales days of the season.  This will replace the Two Countries, One Bay Studio Tour which we used to do in September.  Next year we will begin another studio tour without the assistance of the Tides Institute since they are no longer promoting studio tours.  That studio tour will be called the Quoddy Artists Studio Tour.

Below are some pictures of various parts of the house.





























Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Studio Gallery Opening Soon!

We'll be opening the gallery for the first time, Wednesday, July 24, from 1-5 pm Eastern Time.  Trina has spent the last eight weeks renovating the building space, and this week we are finally beginning to hang work. As a reminder, the gallery is at 45 Washington Street, just a couple of streets off the waterfront and a short walk from the international bridge.  Normal hours for the gallery will be afternoons from Tuesday through Friday.

If you've been following the blog for Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery, you'll know that it will feature not just Michael's landscapes but also Trina's kaleidoscopic designs and images.  Additionally, we'll be renting out space in the building to other artists for retreats and also give them an opportunity to hang their own work.  We think it's a great concept for Lubec, which increasingly is becoming an art town.

Here are some websites to know about:

The blog -
The website -
The Facebook page -

Finally, here are a few interior shots of the gallery space as it now stands.  There are many, many more walls and lots more work than is pictured here.  It's not completely hung, as Trina still needs to add her work plus Michael will also have some more.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Announcing Our Upcoming Opening of Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery!

Downeast artists Trina Stephenson and Michael Chesley Johnson will open Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery at 45 Washington Street, Lubec, Maine, on Wednesday, July 24.  The gallery will feature kaleidoscopic images and fabric art by Trina as well as Michael's landscapes in oil and pastel.  Additionally, the business will offer lodging for artists along with studio space.  Trina says, "Artists who stay here will have the opportunity to use the gallery to sell their own work.  It will be an exciting chance for visiting artists to get some exposure."

For her own work, Trina photographs the local landscape and then manipulates the images digitally into mandala-like forms.  Often, the images include close-ups of subjects such as ferns, flowers and trees that she has chosen for color and contrast.  Images are available as metal prints, or as traditional prints, both framed and unframed.  Additionally, she may incorporate some of the images into fabric pieces such as art quilts.

Michael is an award-winning, internationally-known painter and painting instructor who has operated Friar's Bay Studio Gallery on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, for eight years.  The author of Through a Painter's Brush: A Year on Campobello Island and other books, his work includes oil and pastel paintings of local maritime scenery.  (His books are available through Amazon at The gallery will feature some of his exciting new work in which the landscape is presented with a new twist on the "diptych" concept.  Michael also plans to extend his popular "Paint Campobello" outdoor painting workshops to include the Lubec area and base at least a few weeks at the new studio gallery.

The gallery will be open afternoons, Tuesday-Friday, or by chance or appointment.  For more information, visit or call 207-733-0005.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rack Card Now Available for Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery

click to make it big!

In anticipation of the busy summer season in Downeast Maine, we have created a rack card that we will use for advertising Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery.  While the card is still at the printer, you can either print out the image above or click here for a high-resolution brochure. (PDF format, Adobe Acrobat Reader required.)

Why would you want to print it out?  So you can put it conveniently in your car for your trip to Lubec!

Work progresses smoothly, and we should be opening our doors soon!  Tenatively, we will be opening on July 17th!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Working Studio Gallery Close to Being Ready to Open

We are starting a new working studio gallery in Lubec, Maine on the road leading to downtown Lubec and Campobello Island, NB which gets over 100,000 visitors a summer to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Flexible arrangement which can include housing and/or studio space. Looking for a variety of artists: sculptors, painters, fine art photographers, and fine craftspersons. If interested, please submit a online portfolio of your work or a link to your website. You must be in residence at least part-time during the months of July and August working in a studio space. For more information see: or this blog.  Initial contact by email with portfolio please. No solicitations.

We aim to be open by July 17, 2013, but we may be able to open for the on June 23rd.  We will be on the race course!

Lubec was named a top 10 Beach Town in the United States by Travel and Leisure magazine:  Read all about it.  Our Gallery is just a few blocks from the miles long Lubec beach!

The Front Doors

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lubec, Maine is Looking for a Few Good Artists, Musicians or Writers Who Want to Experience the "REAL Maine"

Look for the pumpkin doors!

We have found that people are more likely to buy from artists directly and studio galleries than from impersonal galleries.  Our concept is to have artist's stay for a period of time so they can paint, write, compose or create from the inspiration of the local scenery.  At the Artist's Retreat Studios & Gallery property in Lubec we will offer artist's "residencies" and then the artist can actively market their work also during the time they are in residence(and perhaps beyond).  There is a modest charge for the apartment and studio combination in Lubec of $400 per week or $60 per night with a minimum of 5 nights.    We think the location will be very good as many tourists go by during the summer months and also the Summerkeys program operates in Lubec during that period of time.  There is also the traffic going to Campobello Island passing by the doors of the studios.  We will also offer 2 more bedrooms upstairs which will have their own separate studio, practice room or writing retreat space.  These two bedrooms will share a bath and kitchen on the "other side" of the house.

Another scene from Quoddy Head State Park Lubec, ME
Please contact me by email initially if you have interest in this opportunity for visual artists, musicians or writers.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Studio Gallery to Open this Season in Downeast Maine with an Artist Retreat Accomodation

We will begin the renovations May 15th for the new Artist Retreat Studios and Gallery.  The hammers are at the ready...

We plan to open around July 17th, 2013 with this Gallery in Lubec, Maine and we will also have open
Friars Bay Studio Gallery so we will have a studio gallery on both sides of the border to satisfy customers
on both sides of the border without passports!   This new gallery will allow us to showcase more of Michael Chesley Johnson's coastal paintings as well as offer a retreat accomodation with studio space to an emerging artist for a very reasonable fee.  Michael will also conduct small scale affordable plein air painting workshops from the Lubec, Maine location as part of the Summer Brushes Program.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1 bedroom apartment available July 1st for the summer

We hope to recoup our property taxes which are incredibly high, our insurance, and some of our renovation costs this summer by offering part of the house as a summer rental while we continue to ready the rest of the house for our opening this summer as an Art Gallery with studio spaces.  The apartment which is on the first floor  has a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.  The current tenants are preparing to leave May 1st so we will attack that area first with paint brushes and $$$!

Summer Rental Available by the Week or month (Lubec) $400 per week, can't beat the rate!  Would love to have someone for the whole summer...

Looking to spend time at Summerkeys or on an artistic retreat or personal sabbatical. This situation will provide you with some very nice basic housing, including utilities. Suitable for 1 person or commited couple. Prefer to rent for 3 months beginning in July. You will be provided basic, spartan furnishings and a spectacular view. The area offers spectacular scenery for the artist, photographer, musician or other creative types with abundant public land in Downeast Maine and on Campobello Island. You can walk to restaurants, bank and grocery store from this location. The rent is $400 per week or $1600 per month. 3 months $4,500. Security deposit is $400. No pets.  This is still available as of April 1st, 2013.

We will offer a rental of the apartment during the Bay of Fundy International Marathon which occurs on June 23rd, 2013 on a nightly basis for $100 with a 3 night minimum.  It is right on the race course!  Google 45 Washington Street, Lubec, ME  04652 for the location.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Venture in Lubec, Maine! Artist Retreat Studios and Gallery

Michael Chesley Johnson and I are proud to announce that we are opening a new art venue in downtown Lubec across the bridge from Campobello Island in the summer of 2013.  We will have a Gallery and Studios on both sides of the Canadian-American border now.  Both will be housed in 1860's center hall capes.  Michael will continue to run and for our 8th year for Americans with passports and Canadians and I will man the new location after we complete some needed renovations.  Michael might teach some exclusively Maine workshops also from this location as as well.  Look for some new schedule changes reflecting the Lubec location!

Our new venture will include the possiblility of a rental apartment for visiting artists or students, as well as rental studios for the itinerant artist or the local who does not have space at home or a good commercial location.  First we will need to do some renovations, but we hope to open in July 2013 if all goes well.  Renovations begin May 15th so we hope to be open later this summer of 2013!

It will be known as:  Artist Retreat Studios and Gallery, 45 Washington Street, Lubec, ME  04652  As one friend said, we might be on the vanguard of creating a Gallery District in Lubec.  We hope this is the case as the area has great potential for art retreats and living the artist lifestyle.