Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Studio Gallery to Open this Season in Downeast Maine with an Artist Retreat Accomodation

We will begin the renovations May 15th for the new Artist Retreat Studios and Gallery.  The hammers are at the ready...

We plan to open around July 17th, 2013 with this Gallery in Lubec, Maine and we will also have open
Friars Bay Studio Gallery so we will have a studio gallery on both sides of the border to satisfy customers
on both sides of the border without passports!   This new gallery will allow us to showcase more of Michael Chesley Johnson's coastal paintings as well as offer a retreat accomodation with studio space to an emerging artist for a very reasonable fee.  Michael will also conduct small scale affordable plein air painting workshops from the Lubec, Maine location as part of the Summer Brushes Program.

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