Monday, June 3, 2013

Lubec, Maine is Looking for a Few Good Artists, Musicians or Writers Who Want to Experience the "REAL Maine"

Look for the pumpkin doors!

We have found that people are more likely to buy from artists directly and studio galleries than from impersonal galleries.  Our concept is to have artist's stay for a period of time so they can paint, write, compose or create from the inspiration of the local scenery.  At the Artist's Retreat Studios & Gallery property in Lubec we will offer artist's "residencies" and then the artist can actively market their work also during the time they are in residence(and perhaps beyond).  There is a modest charge for the apartment and studio combination in Lubec of $400 per week or $60 per night with a minimum of 5 nights.    We think the location will be very good as many tourists go by during the summer months and also the Summerkeys program operates in Lubec during that period of time.  There is also the traffic going to Campobello Island passing by the doors of the studios.  We will also offer 2 more bedrooms upstairs which will have their own separate studio, practice room or writing retreat space.  These two bedrooms will share a bath and kitchen on the "other side" of the house.

Another scene from Quoddy Head State Park Lubec, ME
Please contact me by email initially if you have interest in this opportunity for visual artists, musicians or writers.

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