Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lubec, Maine Now Taking Reservations for Summer 2017 for Artist Retreats

We are taking reservations for accommodations and plein air painting workshops with Michael Chesley Johnson for summer 2017.  He has 9 weeks scheduled in the Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, NB area.  All workshops will be meeting at the Artists Retreat.  It worked very well during the summer of 2016 to take our workshops to Lubec, Maine after 10 years on Campobello Island, NB.  Now those without US passports could be accommodated and we have 2 rental units in the Artists Retreat, each with their own kitchen and driveways to make a convenient package deal.  Workshops are $300 for 4 days, and for $500 extra you can stay at the Artists Retreat for 5 nights as well.  Very convenient to roll out of bed and have your workshop start in your living room downstairs!

We also welcome summerkeys students to spend a week at the Artists Retreat.  We have had many satisfied students over the past 4 years we have offered lodging.

We do have the Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery for sale for $134,000, but we will honor all reservations made in 2017 so don't be concerned.  In fact, if you are interested, come and see it for yourself...

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